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2016 reboot of the original Ben 10 cartoon series.

Premiere Date: Oct/1/2016

Genre: Action, Adventure

Most Recent Episodes

Ben 10 season 1 episode 39

Season 1, Episode 39: Omni Tricked, Part 3

Ben heads far into the forest to prevent his unpredictable transformations from causing damage.Meanwhile, Vilgax, who seems to be the same species as Gax, lands nearby.The latter helps Ben discover his powers,but he quickly realizes that this new fri...

Air Date: Jun 10, 2017

Ben 10 season 1 episode 40

Season 1, Episode 40: Omni Tricked, Part 4

After his meeting with Vilgax,Ben continues to transform rapidly without stopping or be able to revert to human form.While Vilgax tries to take the energy of a volcano to recharge his ship and return home,Ben gets the idea to "update" the O...

Air Date: Jun 10, 2017


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