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"GARAGE GOLD" tracks the adventures of Kraig Bantle and the crew from his family business, Garage Brothers. They offer to clear cluttered, dysfunctional garages, attics and basements free of charge, but there is a catch. The team keeps any valuables they find. For years, Kraig and the Garage Brothers crew have been carving out a living by uncovering buried treasure in overstuffed spaces, and selling it for a profit. Once the space is cleared, the team helps convert the newly-emptied space into a room the homeowners can enjoy.

Premiere Date: Apr/06/2013

Genre: Family, Housing, Building, How To, Do It Yourself, Talent

Most Recent Episodes

Garage Gold season 6 episode 1

Season 6, Episode 1: Bugging Out

Kraig Bantle and his crew are surprised to find items they've never seen before, including two boxes full of exotic insects. Rare vintage Transformers keep things on track, and a trip to an expert appraiser leads to a place where Kraig never ...

Air Date: Sep 08, 2016

Garage Gold season 6 episode 2

Season 6, Episode 2: The Finer Things in Life

The promise of 100-year-old items lures Kraig Bantle into a garage stuffed with historical discoveries. Two potentially antique swords from Toledo, Spain might be worth a small fortune, but the crew is nearly speechless when they uncover artwork s...

Air Date: Sep 09, 2016


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