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Footlong hot dogs, double cheeseburgers, deluxe pizzas — these are all large-sized foods, to be sure. But on the upcoming series Ginormous Food, host Josh Denny is set to introduce you to next-level-massive dishes that make all others seem downright puny.

Premiere Date: Jan/6/2017

Genre: Food

Most Recent Episodes

Ginormous Food season 2 episode 12

Season 2, Episode 12: Big and Bold in Baton Rouge

Fat Cow Burgers unleashes the Monster Muffuletta Burger, 10 pounds of overflowing salami, ham, fresh mozzarella, provolone and Swiss cheese; at Roux 61, the BL Titan is a three-foot French roll stuffed with catfish, shrimp, and oysters....

Air Date: Jul 21, 2017

Ginormous Food season 2 episode 13

Season 2, Episode 13: Mobile's Monster Meals

The Destroyer has two pounds of burger, 12 strips of bacon and a stack of cheese, all loaded into an enormous grilled doughnut; whole bacon-wrapped chicken topped with fried oysters and collard greens is piled onto pimento cheese cornbread....

Air Date: Jul 28, 2017


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