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Gotham season 4 episode 1Episode 1: A Dark Knight: Pax Penguina

Oswald controls Gotham by handing out licenses to criminals and lowering the crime rate. Meanwhile, Bruce continues his field training by preying o...

Air Date: Sep 21, 2017

Gotham season 4 episode 2Episode 2: A Dark Knight: The Fear Reaper

Bruce's efforts in fighting crime prove less than successful until Lucius steps in. Meanwhile, Jonathan Crane goes on a rampage through Arkham as t...

Air Date: Sep 28, 2017

Gotham season 4 episode 3Episode 3: A Dark Knight: They Who Hide Behind Masks

Jim acquires an unexpected ally when he travels to Miami to get Carmine to help him against Oswald. Meanwhile, Oswald ships an antique knife into t...

Air Date: Oct 05, 2017

Gotham season 4 episode 4Episode 4: A Dark Knight: The Demon's Head

Bruce Wayne puts the lives of Gotham Natural History Museum historian Niles Winthrop and his grandson, Alex, in danger in an attempt to uncover the...

Air Date: Oct 12, 2017

Gotham season 4 episode 5Episode 5: A Dark Knight: The Blade's Path

Nygma comes face-to-face with Butch Gilzean, but he is not who he used to be. In an attempt to regain power and identity, Nygma decides to put his ...

Air Date: Oct 19, 2017

Gotham season 4 episode 6Episode 6: A Dark Knight: Hog Day Afternoon

Gordon and Bullock are hot on a serial killer who has been assassinating cops and dressing his victims in the severed heads of pigs as his signatur...

Air Date: Oct 26, 2017

Gotham season 4 episode 7Episode 7: A Dark Knight: A Day in the Narrows

With Professor Pyg striking fear throughout Gotham, Gordon and Bullock head into the Narrows to look for clues. Bruce Wayne meets a former friend, ...

Air Date: Nov 02, 2017