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I'm Anthony Melchiorri. Outstanding hotels are my world, and after 20 years in the hotel business, there's no problem I can't fix. All around America, there are hotels that are hurting. They're understaffed, mismanaged, and in desperate need of a facelift. That's where I come in. I've turned around some of the most famous hotels in America, from boutique hotels to big-city landmarks. I'm on a mission, and I won't stop until every hotel you check into is perfect. When hotel owners can't deal with staff, their occupancy is down, and the property is falling apart, who do they call in? Call in Anthony Melchiorri, a hotel 'fixer" who claims he can turn any hotel around in weeks. Each week Anthony tries to save another failing hotel and will do whatever it takes to turn it around.

Premiere Date: Apr/09/2012

Genre: Design, Decorating, Finance, Housing, Building

Most Recent Episodes

Hotel Impossible season 8 episode 8

Season 8, Episode 8: Outer Banks-Ruptcy: Cape Hatteras, NC

The owners of the Cape Hatteras Hotel have no choice but to sell, but Anthony warns them that their asking price is too high. As he tries to convince them to lower their demands, he also tries to solve the communication issues between staff and manag...

Air Date: Oct 02, 2017

Hotel Impossible season 8 episode 9

Season 8, Episode 9: Kentucky Conundrum: Williamstown, KY

Anthony tries to bail out the Sunrise Inn in Williamstown, Kentucky. The owners have a major tourist attraction practically sitting on their doorstep, but no idea how to run a hotel....

Air Date: Oct 09, 2017

Hotel Impossible season 8 episode 10

Season 8, Episode 10: Desert Disaster: Palm Springs, CA

Anthony Melchiorri visits Palm Springs to help the Cambridge Inn. The inexperienced owner is running out of capital after just a few months and her general managers are clashing and making bad security decisions with guests....

Air Date: Oct 16, 2017


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Anthony Melchiorri

Anthony Melchiorri